Thursday, 25 October 2007

Jacks Straw's wrong Bill of rights.

Jack Straw
Whilst the Conservatives are calling for the Human Rights act to be scrapped, Jack Straw is defending it. Straw says that scrapping the act in favour of a British Bill of Rights would cause delays as people would seek justice in the European courts. But surely the idea of scrapping the act would remove the ability to go to the European courts as we do now. This is the reason for getting rid of the Human Rights Act, it is the European courts in conjunction with the Act that have caused us so much anguish - the Human rights act is hardly ever used for the good of law abiding citizens.

Now we come to the why of it. Why have the government suddenly decided to come up with a Bill of rights? Why are their proposals seemingly a u-turn on past policy? Why draft a Bill that runs alongside the Human Rights act instead of replacing it? Surely this will only add another layer of law, rather than taking away the ability of European courts to interfere. Why are the Labour party saying we should have a referendum on this because it is a change to the constitutuion, when they won't allow us one on the EU Treaty?

I'll tell you what I think: I think this Bill has been thrown together at the last minute to destract the public from the EU Treaty and to show that good old Labour do allow referenda on constitutional changes. Well this Bill of theirs is in no way as large a constitutional change as the treaty.

It's all just smoke and mirrors.

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Anonymous said...

What are they up to?
The Human Rights Act is surely European Law and takes preceedence over UK law, so A Bill Of Rights would be unlawful.
As it happens we have a Bill of Rights from The Glorious Revolution, which is a part of our Constitution. It also states that it is treason to hand power from parliament to a foreign power. We therefore have a traitorous Parliament, which none of us doubts. It is surely time for a bunch of true subjects to be bringing a private law action against the government. Of all the wrongdoers in this government, Jack Straw is the man I would expect to have his prints all over this case.