Friday, 26 October 2007

Telegraph YouGov poll puts the Conservative Party 3 points ahead of Labour.

More good news for the Conservative party, bad news for Labour and terrible news for the LibDems.

This morning's Telegraph YouGov poll puts the Conservative Party at 41%, 3 points ahead of Labour, while the LibDems drop 4 points down to 11%.

These figures match exactly those shown in an Ipsos/Mori Poll carried out on behalf of The Sun two weeks ago. They are however a massive improvement on the last YouGov poll carried out three weeks ago when the Tories trailed Labour by 11 points. This is the first time that the Conservative party have polled more than 40% in a YouGov survey since 1992. If that is not bad enough for Brown, members of the Cambridge Union debating society voted 302 to 95 in favour of the motion: "This House has No Confidence in Her Majesty's Government."

Further good news for the Tories comes from the results of the party leaders approval ratings. David Cameron has come from being 23% behind Gordon Brown to enjoy a 6% lead.

Looks like Gordon has made one good decision this year: bottling out of the election (well it was good for himself, not the country).


William Gruff said...

It is much better for England in the long term if Gordon is allowed to play with us in the short term.

Grooovey Dave is doomed to be returned to the backbenches and then he will quit politics; he's a nearly man and also ran.

Sen. Peter Higham Paul said...

He had no real choice but to bottle out. It was kite flying anyway.

Daily Referendum said...

I've just deleted the last comment from a visitor. I apologise to anyone unfortunate to read it.

William Gruff said...

I missed it but wish I hadn't. What did it say?

Daily Referendum said...

I've emailed you the comment Mr Gruff.