Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Michael Gove - Killing Gordon Brown softly with his words.

I've just finished reading Michael Gove's speech: Brown is hanging on to power for its own sake.

I do not want to get into a political discussion with this man. I suggest you read Michael's speech, but be warned, it's as long as it is well written. The speech is a devastating attack on Gordon Brown, but it is more of a crippling siege than an all out frontal assault. Michael starts by going back to Brown's earliest political ideals and shows us how he has had to compromise those ideals away to get to the position he now holds.

Michael goes on to describe how we have come the large centralist state that we are in now, and Brown's need to justify massive public spending by implementing targets to track each pound. Most damning of all is Michael's opinion on Brown's inability to change to comply with the modern era of post-bureaucratic politics we are now entering.

Michael ends:

And in their style of Government, not least on Europe, they decide what we need and tell us not to answer back.

They have said to the British people "give us your trust and accept our judgement" when a new politics of optimism should place its trust in the British people's own judgement.

Nothing in politics is so powerful as idealism - it is Labour's tragedy that while they cling to power, the idealism in British politics is now found elsewhere…"

Full speech HERE.

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