Monday, 15 October 2007

Ming Campbell is to resign as LibDem Leader.

Following up from my earlier post: Is Ming Campbell about to step down as leader of the LibDems? The BBC are reporting that Ming is in fact going to resign today. Vincent Cable and Simon Hughes said the party owed Sir Menzies "a huge debt of gratitude" and that he had stepped down "interests of the party and of Liberal Democracy".

Vince Cable will take over as acting leader and the leadership timetable will be announced on Tuesday.

Iain Dale thinks Charles Kennedy could be in with a shout. I agree he would be good for the party, if he is in control of his condition. However there is one thing that plays on my mind. If by some wild set of circumstances he became PM, would you want him to have his finger on the button?


Praguetory said...

This is a sensible and decisive from the Lib Dems.

Daily Referendum said...

It had to happen sooner or later. At least Ming got out before the real backstabbing started.

This way he leaves with dignity.

Who's going to replace him?

Anonymous said...

Kennedy aint coming back. This is going to be a three way race. On the right you have Clegg/Huhne and on the left you have Steve Webb.

Anonymous said...

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Daily Referendum said...


I think your right on this. Though Kennedy is a good personality he is also a possible liability.