Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Vladimir Putin ignores assassination plot and visits Iran.

This will be the first visit by a Russian president since 1943. Though the assassination threat was considered very serious, Putin said: "If I listened to what the security services said, I would never leave my home." The Russian president will hold talks with president Ahmadinejad on Iran's nuclear standoff with the West.

Putin is said to be calling for peaceful resolution to the nuclear situation and he is asking for patience. I can't say that I'm happy about those two meeting. They are not well known for their love of the West and they are both wanting to show that their nations are to be taken seriously.

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Beaman said...

The first phrase that came to mind was 'two birds, one stone'. I need to practice the teachings of Zen Buddhism I think.

Tony said...

Putin can be a confusing character seeing as he is actively helping Iran to go nuclear despite the Islamic fundamentalism of the country's leadership. Russia has been attacked by Islamists and there are still serious problems in Chechnya and neighbouring states. I think some of the Islamists must be a bit confused too.

Daily Referendum said...


If only. Don't bother with the teachings you are spot on.

Daily Referendum said...


What's that saying about my enemy's enemy?

Giselle said...

Why is it that President Putin is the only one who would like to solve the Iran affair peacefully and diplomatically? Aren't there some other countries out there who believe in this tactic (peace and diplomacy)?