Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Prime Minister's Questions - Brown V Cameron - Place your bets now.

I know who my money is going on. Gordon Brown is not proficient at thinking on his feet and he knows that he's in for a mauling. David Cameron justifiably has an axe to grind today and should use his superior public speaking skills to take Brown to task. The press have attacked Brown and Darling in today's papers and I can't see anything but hard times on the horizon for the Labour party. No doubt Cameron will use his quick wit to embarrass Brown over his policy crime wave.

I'll update this post when the smoke has settled and we can see who is left licking their wounds.

UPDATE: Well I wish I had placed a bet. Cameron tore into Brown not so much on his blatant theft of policies but for being a "phoney".

Robert Neill asked Brown if he would congratulate the Tory authority in Bromley on its recycling record - Robert offered to show Brown Bromley's "bottle banks"

Brown once again denied that the polls put him off holding an election. Cameron replied by saying that if Mr Brown was to be believed he was the first PM in history to "flunk an election because he thought he was going to win it" (Much laughing was to be heard around the chamber).

Then just when he didn't need it Brown went and shot himself in the foot. He pointed out that only 26 people have signed a petition calling for an election on the Downing Street website - "and not one of them are on the Conservative front bench". This brought on another outbreak of laughter as the opposition pointed to Mr Browns own front bench.

Cameron continued his attack saying that Brown had plotted and schemed for the job for 10 years and was in danger of losing his moral authority. "How long will we have to wait before the past makes way for the future?"

The real killer blow came as Cameron challenged Brown to: "find a bit of bottle, get in your car, go down to Buckingham Palace and call that election".

Brown was definitely on the back foot and was reduced to shouting his replies, red faced from the dispatch box. Not a good day for the Labour Party.

PMQ's should be shown at prime time. I haven't laughed so much in ages. You can watch it now by clicking HERE.

You can sign the petition for an election in 2007 that Mr Brown mentioned in PMQ's by clicking HERE. @ 13:40 it now stands at 429 signatures and rising fast.

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