Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pro Referendum Rally London - Tickets.

Pro Referendum Rally With reference to my earlier post on the EU Treaty, I would like to bring to your attention the Pro Referendum Rally.

Message from Dr. Bob Spink MP:

The rally event is going forward as planned: we will muster in the vicinity of Westminster and cast our ballots outside Parliament before those who have booked tickets will proceed to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre for the speaking event. Precise timings will be confirmed soon. Refreshments within the Conference Centre will be provided as part of the ticket price. Speakers will include:

Dr. Bob Spink - Conservative MP for CastlePoint,
Nigel Farage - Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party,
Christopher Booker - Sunday Telegraph,
Roger Helmer MEP - Chairman of the Freedom Association,
Neil Herron - Metric Martyr defence fund,
Councillor Steve Radford - Liberal Party.

A special video message by Lord Tebbit of Chingford will also be shown at the rally.

Demand for tickets is likely to be high and it is not planned to sell tickets on the day of the event, so book your tickets now!

See you at the rally!

Dr. Bob Spink MP.

Tickets for the London event at Westminster on October 27th are now on sale. You can buy tickets by clicking HERE.

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