Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Alistair Darling - Pre Budget Report.

Darling started by telling the House he would not be taking any risks. This naturally started a round of jeering from the opposition. OK I've let a lot of his waffle wash over me. Every statement starts with "I can announce today" and finishes with "in 2000 and whenever."

This guy should be wearing a mask, he is blatantly stealing policies put forward at the Conservative conference. The NONDOMs tax, air travel tax and inheritance tax. He's jiggled the figures a bit but they are Tory policies, what a bloody cheek after the piss poor week they've just had. You'd think they would try and show a little honesty for a change.

Gordon Brown bottled out of an election because he faced losing to these policies. He has got some neck on him to nick them in broad daylight. The inheritance tax threshold rise to £600,000 is all SPIN, married couples get that anyway, so he's spent nothing!

George Osborne was superb, ripping up Darling and his waffle for all to see. Just for good measure George also tore into Gordon Brown, saying that he was having to wait for the Tories to tell him what his vision for the country was.

Basically Darling has increased borrowing, increased taxes and cut spending.

Following Alistair Darling's speech, the police reported that the crime figures for theft went up drastically today.


Phil A said...

Saw his performance. If it had been a thesis he would have been hauled up for plagiarism.

Nu-Lab attacked those same ideas before then water them down and steal them. In a year’s time will the Sheeple remember?

Maybe it’s time to make Gordon Brown Breeks uncomfortable by reminding him about the manifesto promise of a referendum and this time not be put off by waffle.

Daily Referendum said...


I agree. A thought came to me earlier (and yes anon I did write it in my diary) that it was a good day to publish the European Scrutiny Committee's report. It seems to have disappeared of the radar since Darling's speech.

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

Highest form of flattery though.

Daily Referendum said...

Yes it is James, or it would be if they hadn't spent all week rubbishing our policies only to steal them.

Anonymous said...

The papers this morning haven't been too kind to Alistair Darling, as they tend to accuse him of stealing policies. Not sure whether your analysis made it through as well.

Daily Referendum said...


I'm pleased to hear that, I was worried that he would be let off the hook. I think Labour are going to have to be very careful to avoid spin for a while.

Gracchi said...

They have been damaged but it will be interesting to see how permanent that damage becomes in the future.

Daily Referendum said...


I know what you mean. It seems that no one in politics has to take responsibility for their actions. And the Media don't tend to hold them to account for anything longer than a few days.

Hopefully that will change.