Wednesday, 31 October 2007

They can downgrade Christmas when they pry the stuffing from my cold, dead hands.

According to Labour's favourite bunch of numpties (the think tank going by the name of the Institute for Public Policy Research), Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations. Now, I'm no think tank "expert" but I pretty damn sure that following this course of action would drive a wedge the size of a very big wedge-shaped thing (possibly a exceedingly large slice of Crimbo cake) between the Christians of this country and everyone else.

Oh, and this think tank also believes that we are no longer a Christian nation.

These are the people that came up with the following fantastic Labour policies: ID cards, bin taxes and road pricing. What are they thinking: "We have tried and tried to annoy the population with our stupid policies and still they won't riot, maybe we should downgrade Christmas in favour of festivals from other religions. That should get them going".

Will someone please go around to their office and slap them all hard with the hairy side until they stop coming out with this rubbish.


Mark Heenan said...

It's not just christians who can't stand this kind of thing. I'm as atheist as it gets but I still enjoy Christmas. And anyway, where are these other religions who get offended by christmas? I've never met them. It's not like St Patrick's day offends me because I'm not Irish, is it?

Daily Referendum said...


Exactly, we may not be a nation of practicing Christians but we do still enjoy Christian holidays. I can't think of any occasion that other religions were barred from celebrating their special days. Downgrading our holidays or forcing us to take part in another religion's celebration will only cause animosity.

Tony said...

Next the IPPR will want A Christmas Carol will be replaced an Imam's Call to Prayer on Christmas Eve and a multi-ethnic James Bond for the film following the Queen's speech.

Some of these think tanks still cannot get past the idea of the host nation having to conform to fit in with migrants who come here. This is not so much 'enriching' our culture as replacing it.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is only as exclusively Christian as Diwali is exclusively Hindu (probably much less so, in fact, and race doesn't even enter the equation) and I've yet to hear of Hindu community leaders calling for a multicultural reinterpretation of their heritage.

Just by looking at the author of this vacuous report (earlier on the BBC), you can tell he's never had a proper job.

robin said...

We enjoy Christmas , mainly for the children. Now we can really enjoy it knowing it`s against the policies of the IPPR.

for the festivities get extra portions of ham, red meat and drinks in that the latest scaremongers tell us gives us cancer.
My new years resolution is to take up smoking.

Daily Referendum said...


Maybe one day they will work out that amount of multicultural integration is inversely proportional to how much they try to force it upon us.

Daily Referendum said...


His CV probably says: Thinks in tank. A lot of soldiers do that, but I don't want them writing government policy (actually, on second thoughts?).

Daily Referendum said...


I know how you feel but don't take up smoking. I wish I could stop. Saying that, there is something quite sociable about standing outside the pub with a pint and a fag.

Anonymous said...

"Multicultural understanding of Britishness"? How would multicultural Britishness differ from multicultural Frenchness?

Obviously, it wouldn't - the 'Britishness' is superfluous. What know-nothing Leftists like the milksop behind this report mean by 'multicultural' is usually 'Utopian'.

Beaman said...

I keep hearing politicians and leftist groups telling us that multiculturalism has enriched Britain beyond belief and that more is welcome. There are of course positives but it seems to be going overboard these days and the Christian and/or British traditions seem now to be taboo at the risk of being labelled racist or close minded. I just want to be British in Britain, and not have to celebrate a multitude of foreign festivals and feel dirty for drinking alcohol or for disliking Islam. Is that too much to ask for in PC Britain these days?

Daily Referendum said...

I agree Beaman,

Why should we have to change?