Thursday, 1 November 2007

We could have been waking up to a Conservative Government tomorrow.

Well today could have been the day we ended Labour's ten years of government. If the election had gone ahead there is a good chance that the Conservatives could have won, probably with a slim majority, but a win is a win. I believe that with the swing in the polls we have seen, and a good election campaign, we would have been waking up tomorrow to a new era in British politics. We'd have a government that was willing to let us have our say on the EU Treaty, we'd have a government that sees that the current arrangement of non-English MPs voting on English matters as just plain wrong. We'd also have a government that does not want to close down our local A&E and Maternity wards. We'd have a government that wants to keep track of who is coming and going from this country and will not lose track of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers.

With a small majority we would have a government that would be more accountable to us. Such a government would have to make policy decisions based on our wishes and not just on what is good for the party. History has proven time and again that big government does not work. The money just keeps getting poured into deeper and deeper holes. It really is time for a change, unfortunately we are going to have to wait. I just hope that Gordon Brown does not get us into a position of no return before we see the back of him. It is more than obvious that Brown is making personal decisions that go against the majority of the voting population. There is a word for that: Dictatorship.

With a bit of luck Gordon Brown's own party will get rid of him. There are some very serious rumblings amongst the Labour support, and if he does not pull his socks up he will be out on his ear. There is a post on Labourhome entitled, Show us your vision Gordon. Please go over to Labourhome and read this article, and the comments left by other Labour supporters, it's a real eye opener.

As an ex-Labour man, I know how the writer of the article feels.

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fake consultant said...

"Such a government would have to make policy decisions based on our wishes and not just on what is good for the party."

call me more cynical than your comment, but in virtually every case the newly elected party, no matter what they may have done before the election, usually reverts to doing exactly what's good for the party-and not much more-as soon as they are elected.

would cameron, et al., be immune from this disease? my guess: no.