Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Alistair Darling, where are my bank details?

I could not believe what I was listening to at 15:30 today. How the hell did 25m sets of personal details get lost in the post? My details are contained on one of the two missing discs, my bank account number, sort code, name, address, date of birth and National Insurance number. In fact everything that a crook could want. Why was this not brought to public attention sooner? Darling has made his excuses, but could it have something to do with him not wanting to announce such an almighty balls-up at the same time Jacqui Smith was informing the country that our security companies are overrun with illegal immigrants? Did they try to cover this up, just as they covered up the security fiasco?

Darling said there was no evidence the data had fallen into criminal hands, which also means there is no evidence to show that it hasn't - Muppet. He's telling us there is nothing to worry about, but, and it's a big but, we should monitor our bank accounts. I sit here now, not knowing whether some Herbert is raiding my bank account or ordering a credit card in my name. I don't know how he has the gall to blame junior officials at HMRC, who he said had ignored security procedures. I'll tell you who is to blame, one Alistair Maclean Darling. He admitted during his emergency statement that two other major security breaches had occurred recently. So in my opinion it is far too late to be calling for an independent review of the incident by Kieran Poynter of PricewaterhouseCoopers. After two major security breaches a review of security at the HMRC should have been carried out before this calamity had the chance to happen.

George Osborne took the government to task: "Let us be clear about the scale of this catastrophic mistake - the names, the addresses and the dates of birth of every child in the country are sitting on two computer discs that are apparently lost in the post, and the bank account details and National Insurance numbers of 10 million parents, guardians and carers have gone missing. He said that this was the: "final blow for the ambitions of this government to create a national ID database" as "they simply can not be trusted with people's personal information". George was quite clearly spot on with his evaluation.

The prime minister's official spokeswoman said Gordon Brown has "full confidence" in Mr Darling (That's Darling and Jacqui Smith within one week). She added that Mr Darling has not offered to resign - Why?


n.carmichael said...

I am concerned about the data protection of my bank detail not only now but in the future how can you reassure me that my detail are safe and still in this country and are not going to be abused. Knowing that places like DVLC sell our names amd address.

Daily Referendum said...


Not only that, but the ID Card system will share information between all members of the EU.