Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Prime Ministers Questions, lost personal data fiasco.

David Cameron has just had a damn good attempt at getting Gordon Brown to accept responsibility for the lost personal data fiasco. Gordon did not do the Honourable thing, instead he thought it would be a good idea to blame the opposition. David very rightly called this attempt to deflect the blame "pathetic".

How far away are we from a vote of no confidence? This Labour government since Brown took over, has presided over one massive fiasco after another. We must be the laughing stock of the developed world.

PMQs should now be shown on the evening news, the people need to know what kind of shower are supposedly governing this country.

Tony Blair must be splitting his sides.

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Alfie said...

Did you see Brown's sneering grin just after Cameron issued his devastating rebuff at Brown's attempt to blame the Opposition? Right after Cameron shouted
'pathetic', the static camera cut to Brown.... And there it was, the sneering grin of a man too hyped with his own supposed big beast reputation. The grin of a man bereft of any decency - a man who has sold his soul to Satan so he could get the big prize of ultimate power.

A man who will not last 18 months in the job.

Anonymous said...

Personally ...I feel sorry for all those poor bastards whose benefits are paid into their Northern Rock accounts.

Daily Referendum said...


Those grins seem to get wider the deeper they are in it.

Daily Referendum said...


Hello mate, I thought you had disappeared. Are you blogging again?

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I posted a topic on TFR about Usmanov and his hawkish solicitors Schillings and the next thing time I checked the blog wasn't there! Coincidence ...maybe ...who knows.

Is it worth starting from scratch?


Daily Referendum said...


Seeing as your blog was a blogspot address, Google should be able to recover it. It's worth a try.