Thursday, 15 November 2007

And Labour say the EU will not be a Super State? (Milibands EU army).

Today David Miliband called the EU a military and economic power and that it should use it's collective clout on the world stage. The first thing that jumped into my mind was "Super State." This is not what I and many others believed the EU was to be all about. Miliband is talking about the EU as if it was one single state, and he wants the EU to have its own army so it can use the: "hard power of sanctions and troops to bring about changes in places like Darfur". That's a worthy sentiment, but it is not the job of the EU.

We are going to lose our sovereignty to the EU when Gordon Brown signs the treaty and sells us down the river. I'm more sure than ever that the leaders of the EU want to create a super state to rival other powerful nations. I can't help feeling nervous about this idea of handing over our military to be used at the will of foreign governments. In recent times we have not been able to agree on what military action should to be taken, and I can't see the situation changing.

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