Thursday, 15 November 2007

Who is Gordon Brown and what does he want?

What is Gordon Brown thinking behind his well tutored grin?

I want to know what form of creature is hiding within.

Is he a comrade at heart dreaming of past commie glories?

Or is he going to satisfy himself with just destroying the Tories?

I want to know because it's not plain to see.

Does Gordon really care about you or about me?

Does he control all, with only one seat on his sofa?

Do you want to know? I do, and it is right that we ought to.

Is the cabinet just an audience to his will and his whim?

Does anyone sat at the table have the clout to stand up to him?

Does Gordon clunk his great fist with a rant and rave?

And does he throw a tantrum after another PMQs drubbing by Dave?

I want to know the man behind the grinning facade.

What do you think, could I throw him a mile or a short yard?

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I think he has got people who can stand up to him. Look on the home office issue. A nasty peice of work would have sacked her and said right get someone new in. He didn't sack her. He is loyal to people and they are loyal to him. I think people sometimes see that as terror. Loyalty is not same as fear.

Tony said...

I do not agree. Jacqui Smith was Brown's big risk appointment at the Home Office, so to sack her would be to concede that his judgment is poor. It is only loyalty to himself that has prevented him from acting decisively.