Sunday, 18 November 2007

Clegg and Huhne on the Politics Show, get ready to cringe.

There was a very embarrassing moment on the Politics Show earlier. Presenter Jon Sopel was interviewing Clegg and Huhne when he produced a briefing document with the words "Calamity Clegg" at the top, which had been sent to the BBC by the Huhne camp. Clegg was miffed and Huhne was forced to do some urgent back-peddling. I couldn't help but cringe and I found it a little difficult to watch. Sopel was doing his job well, but maybe it was just a little cruel.

You can watch it by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

No sympathy with either of them. Huhne has to accept the consequences of playing dirty and Clegg has to grow up and fight stupid accusations rather than complain about them.

Anonymous said...

I cant see either of these two inspiring a surge in Liberal votes.

Daily Referendum said...

LFAT & Anon,

They better get their act together otherwise the LibDems are going to vanish.