Monday, 19 November 2007

Gordon Brown, taxes for fun, plays the clown, and with my money he runs.

So Gordon Brown has announced his plans for a cleaner, greener Britain. The first thing I noticed when I clicked onto the BBC News site was his proposal for another great non-job - the "green hotline". God give me bloody strength. The hotline is to advise people on what they can do to cut their impact on the environment. Is that 'green' as in green and leafy like a cabbage. I must learn how to write a noise that adequately conveys the sound of me wailing whilst gnashing my teeth.

Brown then went on to tell us that the UK's emission target of a 60% reduction by 2050 could be increased to 80%. And I now promise to give every reader of this blog £1m in the year 2100 if they collect it from me, in person. So far the environmentally friendly Labour party have managed to supply a massive (wait for it) 2% of our energy from renewable sources. Not only that, but the little that they have managed to do has been pathetic.

Gordon said that Britain is "absolutely committed to meeting our share" of the EU's 2020 renewable energy target. What a total and utter load of rubbish. What about the documents that were leaked three weeks ago which detailed how Gordon Brown was to be told that the 20% target for renewable energy by 2020 faces "severe practical difficulties". This obviously translates to "it's not going to happen". It is well known that Brown is trying to get the target figure reduced, because he knows we have no way of hitting the current one. It is just more lies and spin, and I am getting sick and tired of being treated like an idiot by this man.

The shadow environment secretary Peter Ainsworth said Mr Brown's record on the environment consisted of "missing targets, then scrapping them, then cutting the budgets that deal with them. "Just this weekend, we learnt of a further £300 million of crippling cuts to key environmental services. "Until Gordon Brown learns that tough action is needed to back up his warm words, he cannot be the change the country needs." Liberal Democrat environment spokesman Chris Huhne said: "Boasts of a new green home service seem shallow when recent cuts to the New Millennium Grants will dissuade many homeowners from installing energy saving measures in their homes."

It's all lies I tells ya - lies!

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