Sunday, 18 November 2007

Conservatives lead Labour by six points in latest YouGov survey.

A YouGov survey for The Sunday Times shows the Tories are unchanged on 41%, Labour have slumped to 35% (down three).
The Liberal Democrats, on 13%, have gained two points.

Only 33% think Gordon Brown is doing well and 43% think he is doing badly, a net approval rating of -10 and a drop of 40 points in a month (David Cameron is now +15). At the height of popularity in the summer, Gordon's approval rating was +48.

One Labour MP told the Sunday Times: “I’m not surprised the edifice is crumbling. New Labour built its reputation on house values and economic competence. Now people are bothered about their house prices and worried about money, it is bound to reflect on Labour and the PM. He’s been lucky for 10 years.”

Oh dear.

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