Saturday, 3 November 2007

Ed Balls - "It is still our party that has been setting the policy agenda" (Don't laugh).

Ed Balls Labour UK Politics I cannot believe the complete and utter codswallop I've just read on the BBC. Ed Balls spoke today to Labour supporters, and came out with a real work of fiction.

Ed said: The Labour government has "made some mistakes".

Ed has been paying attention then.

Ed said: "It is still our party that has been setting the policy agenda,"

No Ed, your party has stolen the Conservative policy agenda and come up with nothing else but even longer plans than the plans that have taken years to fail.

Ed said: "And I believe that as a party and a government we have shown the strength to deal with difficult times and keep setting the agenda and responding to the concerns of the British people."

The strength to back out of an election when the polls hinted that you may have lost your majority. You may have set one agenda, but you went and cancelled it. And as for responding to the concerns of the British people, the response we wanted on the EU Treaty Referendum was not the "sod off" we received.

Ed said: "In the Queen's Speech next week we will set out our programme: to respond to the rising aspirations of the British people; to ensure security for all; to entrust more power to Parliament and the people; and to build a Britain where everybody can rise as far as their talents will take them."

That, I can agree with Ed - if you remove the word Parliament. Parliament already has all the power it needs to ride roughshod over the citizens of this country.

Ed said: "And we will put the concerns of families in every part of our country first."

Sorry Ed, when did your party start talking about family? I thought the notion of family was one of those ridiculous Tory values that should be rubbished.

Ed said: Conservative policies "hold people back. Whether it's on families, health or education, the Tories' vision is a vision of a two-tier Britain. David Cameron stands for a two-tier Britain, two tiers of opportunity - not just holding young people back from reaching their full potential, but holding the whole country back from what we can achieve together."

Lets get this straight Edward, the Tories are the ones who have been calling for the support of the family unit. On health, the Tories are the ones calling for A&E and Maternity wards (that you are trying to close) to remain open. On education it's the Tories that want to bring back streaming and competitive sporting events in our Schools. It's the Labour government that has held people back by refusing to acknowledge that some kids are smarter than others. You have been responsible for the dumbing down our education system so that we have gone from a nation known for its academic excellence, to a nation known for its underachievement.

Ed, you may talk out of your backside, but you've got some balls.


IanP said...

Hmm. Seems like another minister that chokes on the word England.

Does he mean The New Europe, The UK, Great Britain or England when he refers to 'our country'

Their language, like their policies are as clear as mud.

Theo Spark said...

Balls by name, bollocks by nature!

Daily Referendum said...


They have no problem saying Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Daily Referendum said...


Spot on.