Thursday, 29 November 2007

Electoral commission have called in the police over dodgy donations.

The electoral commission have called in the police to investigate the dodgy donations received by the Labour party. The Metropolitan Police said it would "receive and review" the commission's report and see what the outcome of that was. Dizzy sheds a little light on this criminal activity here and just possibly here.

UPDATE: The sleaze is oozing out so fast it's hard to keep up, Iain Dale has more here and here.

UPDATE 2: Durham police are to look into David Abrahams property development in Durham Green. All this comes as Harriet releases a statement claiming that Janet Kidd was recommended to her campaign team by Chris Leslie of Gordon Brown's campaign team.

UPDATE 3 @ 20:40: The BBC have just reported that Harriet Harman's campaign team knew that Janet Kidd had been turned down as a donor by Gordon Brown's campaign.

UPDATE 4 @ 22:45: Peter Hain also received £5,000. Where does this end?

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