Thursday, 29 November 2007

Labour MSP Charlie Gordon resigns over dodgy donation.

A donation for £950 accepted Wendy Alexander's campaign team for the Scottish Labour leadership broke the law by accepting money from a Jersey-based businessman. A cheque for £950 was accepted from developer Paul Green. The MSP who sought the donation, Charlie Gordon, has quit as Labour's transport spokesman at Holyrood. The matter has been reported the Electoral Commission.

Mr Gordon said: "I asked for a donation from Mr Green, and he asked me to ensure that it was in line with the rules. "I handed the donation on to the campaign team and conveyed to them that it was a donation under the auspices of Combined Property Services and that Mr Green had a controlling interest in the company. "Unfortunately I was wrong in both these assumptions. "I acted in good faith and I deeply regret the fact that this has happened and that Wendy Alexander has been in any way been implicated."



Ingram said...

So if one from Scotland can resign when "acting in good faith", with a bit of luck this set a precedent for HH.

Daily Referendum said...


Harriet may claim to have taken the donation in good faith, however that does not mean the law was not broken. Ignorance is no defence.