Friday, 30 November 2007

Fight fight fight! Abrahams V Mendelsohn round one.

David Abrahams has released a statement claiming that he met with Jon Mendelsohn to discuss donating money in April. However, Mendelsohn has since issued a statement via his lawyer saying this was "absolutely untrue", adding that the two men did meet at a Jewish event and discussed what he called a "specific charity project to enable Muslims to visit Israel".

Oh dear. It looks like the basic instinct of self preservation is coming to the fore. What will spill out of this back covering?

A line from The Young Ones springs to mind: "it was not me - it was the other three!"


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Did you have to mention a "Jewish event"? An "event" would have been good enough.

Daily Referendum said...

Sorry Jeremy,

But it's a direct quote from the beeb.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

That's all right then isn't it.

(I'll explain one day)