Saturday, 1 December 2007

Harriet Harman should resign NOW - Donorgate.

Harriet Harman has now admitted to breaking Electoral rules twice. In Harriet's case there is absolutely no need for an internal review or a police investigation. Harriet Harman IS GUILTY, and the fact she has not resigned, not only damages her reputation, but that of the Labour party. Worse than that, this fiasco and Harriet's refusal to resign shows our government to be corrupt in the eyes of the world.

Harriet can claim ignorance, but ignorance of the law is not a valid defence. She can claim it was a clerical error on behalf of her team, but it is Harriet's responsibility to make sure she is obeying the law. If Harriet does not resign immediately, then she has no shame.

Fact: Harriet Harman took a dodgy donation and used it to pay off debts accrued during her deputy leadership election campaign.

Fact: Harriet Harman failed to register a loan used to fund her deputy leadership election campaign.

Fact: Harriet Harman MUST RESIGN.


Andrew Allison said...

She must resign or Brown must fire her and the Labour 'top brass' must make sure she resigns as Duputy Leader too. An interesting weekend awaits.

Daily Referendum said...

I don't think it's going to happen now Andrew. Labour are coming out in force to spin this into a conservative failure to accept capping.

Andrew Allison said...

Yes, they will try, but her credibility has gone now and the credibility of the government