Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Foreign prisoners receive £1500 bribes to go home.

To enable the government to hit their target of deporting 4000 foreign prisoners by the end of 2007, they have almost doubled their bribe to £1500. However the Conservative justice spokesman said that this system will remove only a fraction of our foreign prisoners. Nick Herbert said: "Gordon Brown talked tough when he promised to remove all foreign criminals. Now it appears he is having to resort to larger bribes to beg them to leave."

This is nothing new, Gordon makes a crowd pleasing speech, and then quick as a flash, nothing happens.

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Robin said...

Everybody must view it as Danegeld, surely ?

Daily Referendum said...

You would think so Robin. Are we so powerless in our own country that we have to bribe undesirables to leave. No doubt the EU will not allow us to deport them.