Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Jacqui Smith has no idea about detention limit.

After all the fuss Labour have been making over extending the 28 day time limit for how long terror suspects can be held without charge, today the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said "The answer is I don't know" when she was asked on BBC Radio 4 just how long the proposed limit should be.

Though Jacqui acknowledged that the police hadn't yet needed any longer than 28 days, she insisted that there was "widespread support" for an extension. It's funny but the only support I've seen for this Bill is from the Labour Party itself.

The Tories are proposing post-charge questioning as a better option.

What do you think?

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William Gruff said...

It is astonishing that such idiots can hold the highest offices. Once upon a time it was at least possible to blame the class system for putting twits in power but that excuse has not been available for a good while. I think we can safely say that representative democracy is not the guarantee of better government that some allege, but then we all knew that.

What was the Conservative response to Ms Smith's admission of ignorance?

Daily Referendum said...

Maybe Jacqui is waiting for Gordon to tell her what she thinks. I'm sure this government is a one man band.

David Davis said: Why the fixation with extending detention without trial without a shred of evidence that we need longer when it will cut off vital cooperation from local communities and when we already have emergency powers to deal with the nightmare scenarios Ministers keep speculating about.