Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Gordon Brown's press conference - Dodgy Donations "R" US

Gordon Brown will face the toughest press conference of his career this morning. At the moment he's in a cabinet meeting, I wonder if anyone is taking minutes? From what I have read on other Blogs like Guido's and Iain's Gordon will be lucky to be in office by the end of this week. There are rumours of major planning corruption going back years, hints of fast tracked applications and multiple dodgy donations. We've had some very suspect statements coming from Senior members of the cabinet - claims of not knowing Mr Abrahams are quite clearly incredible, he was on the front row of Tony Blair's leaving do.

It is very unlikely that only Peter Watt knew about these shady dealings as they started before he took up the position of Labour general secretary in 2005. The donations now stand at £600,000 and there are rumours of further donations lurking in the shadows. It also alleged Mr Abrahams gave financial support to more than one runner in the Labour party deputy leadership race. Not that is against the rules (I think) but it does make claims of not knowing the man a bit pathetic to say the least. I will update this post as this whole sorry affair unfolds, I cannot say how much I am looking forward to the press conference. Get ready for either the truth from Gordon and the collapse of the Labour government, or some very seriously spin and deception.

More to follow.......

Ok it's now 12:00 and Gordon Brown is about to speak. The BBC are reporting that the electoral commission has contacted the CPS. Brown says that he knew about this on Saturday and that the money will be returned. He's denying that he knew anything about the donations, if it turns out that he did know, then he should resign. The Sky reporter has just claimed that Brown attended meetings where party finances were discussed - Brown still denies any knowledge. Apparently Harriet Harmen has issued statement that she also knows nothing about a donation she received for her deputy leadership campaign. C4's Jon Snow has just asked Gordon if it turns out that ministers did know about "money laundering" would they be named - Brown said they would be named. I don't think anyone has mentioned planning permission yet, I hope someone gets it in.

Gordon seems very adept at diverting the questions away from the donations scandal. He is also using the old trick of not allowing follow up questions. His favourite line at the moment seems to be "yes, right at the back", the coward is avoiding follow ups from the reporters at the front. Daily Mail asks how much confidence does Gordon in Harriet, Brown says he has confidence in Harriet, but it is up to her to explain her actions. He then goes on to blame the Tories for not agreeing to donation caps. Unions anyone? The government gives millions to the unions, and the unions give millions to the Labour Party. If that is not dodgy nothing is.

Well that's it. I think Gordon has just alienated the media by dodging follow ups. This is not over and I'm sure the press will now go all out to find the dirt that is no doubt there.

The biggest joke of all is that Harriet is the one who is setting up the investigation. Jesus!


Ingram said...

I can't see him gone by end of the week unfortunately, but at this rate it will be end of the year with a bit of luck if the Tories can capitalise and go for the jugular. As yet they have showed no real signs of doing this, so we may be stuck with him until 2009. On the plus side, ever day longer GB stays in power is likely to be a few days longer that Labour will never return to power in the future... Quite a good ROI IMO :)

Daily Referendum said...


I know I'm probably being optimistic but I do believe Brown should step down. Whether it happens or not depends on the media. I think there is enough dirt on this to sink him.

Ingram said...

Well looking at your post re. DC's CBI speech. If this is what he is going to say / said, then it looks like he is starting to align himself for the attack at last. Good man. I don't necessarily think he will be the solution to our problems, but the Tories are a better proposition than what we have at present.

Daily Referendum said...


I'm glad to see that even the BBC are starting to get their teeth into this scandal. Heads will roll. The question is not if they will roll , but how many?