Tuesday, 27 November 2007

David Cameron's address to the CBI - the end of big government.

David Cameron is about to address the CBI and he's got a massive amount of ammunition to use against Gordon Brown and his government in crisis. We all know that David is a fine speaker and this could be his most important speech so far.

The following is taken from David's speech:

Big government and the bureaucratic age are institutionally wasteful. But it's worse than that:

what really gets me is the deliberate extravagance committed by the people at the top of the government machine. The administrators and managers and quangocrats who administer public money on our behalf.

Apparently managers of the exams watchdog, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority spent more than £1.6 million of taxpayers money in just six months - on hotels and conference centres for themselves.

Officials at the Home Office spend £800,000 a year on taxis - charged straight to you and me. The MoD has committed £2.3 billion to a new headquarters for itself - while our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are going without the kit they need, and their families are living in substandard housing.

All these stories tell me one thing. Big centralised bureaucracies are incompetent and they can't be trusted. What we have learnt over the last few days is that when it comes to regulation and legislation there's one law for government - and another one for everyone else.

These people, they set up these quangos, they pass these laws, they introduce these regulations, they insist on this bit of scrutiny, that bit of compliance - and whether it's their own government debts or their own party machine they just don't obey it.

There is a time in the life of every government when they've been in power for so long that complacency tips over into arrogance, and arrogance even becomes indifference to the law. They've passed that point and change, real change, is needed now in Britain. They're casual about spending our money. Don't tell me we can't do better. Well let me make it clear: a big change is on the way.

You can read David's speech in full by clicking HERE.

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