Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Gordon Brown's re-heated Queen's Speech.

Gordon Brown has been struggling to come up with anything to put in the Queen's speech later today. This is no real surprise seeing as he broke with tradition and announced most of his so called "vision" at the State Opening of Parliament.

Brown is expected to pledge to build 3m homes by 2020 to fix the massive shortage in housing. This has already been announced so Gordon is just repeating a pledge that he thinks people want hear. What I want to know is if we need a minimum of 3m homes to be built in the next 12 years, how how many are we going to need to build in the following 12 years? And where are we going to build them. Eventually we are going to have a serious debate about immigration, without all the PC paranoia.

More old news to be announced will be the pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. This is just a crowd pleasing load of rubbish, if he wants to make a real impact on carbon emissions he should set 5 year targets, or possibly even shorter ones. Not that I'm at all convinced about man made climate change.

There seems to be a pattern emerging here - Brown's next proposal is to make kids stay at school until they are 18. This has been already announced, and surprise surprise, this is not to be instigated until 2015. Is he going to announce anything that is actually going to happen now? And how does extending the school leaving age to 18 tie in with wanting lower the voting age to 16. Has he found out that under 18's are more likely to vote Labour?

There are other policies being revisited, most importantly the wish to raise pre-charge detention beyond 28 days. 56 days seems to be Brown's preference. He has however failed to come up with any decent reason for doing this.

What I would like to hear in today's speech is something new, that will happen now and have a real positive effect on our daily existence. I will not be holding my breath. More later.....

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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for McBroon - he seems to be finding the whole thing a big anti-climax.

Ingram said...

The man is a fraud and a chancer. But most of the population continue to fall for him.

Daily Referendum said...


Brown showed his hand too early.

Daily Referendum said...


Nice of you to drop in. We are likely to forgive our politicians for the odd mistake, or as Brown will be counting on we just forget the last one. Unfortunately for him, they are coming thick and fast and we will not forgive or forget for much longer. I hope!