Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Queen's Speech - Gordon Brown, what no vision?

Well, just as I said in my earlier post there was nothing new coming out of the Queen's speech. We did see the introduction of more "made up" government jobs: Health and social care regulators and a New homes agency. Fantastic, more tax money down the drain.

All the rest was old re-heated policy with target dates set in the distant future. What Gordon Brown has done is the equivalent of me promising all readers or this Blog £1m, BUT you must collect it in person 100 years from now.

What no vision Gordon?

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Anonymous said...

There is a massive housing shortage in this country and Brown proposes to build more houses to lessen that crisis. If that is not what you call vision then what the hell is, you stupid brain dead moron!

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for that well thought out comment. Your debating skills are too great for me. I would like to point out however, that building houses is not vision it's finally doing the job he and his party have neglected to do for the last ten years.

JO said...

Actually, there isn't a housing shortage at all. If there were, they wouldn't be bulldozing street after street of perfectly adequate terraced family homes all over the north, now would they?

And if they really wanted to ease any future housing shortage, then Gord would do more to support the institution of marriage and encourage couples and families to live together under one roof, rather than demanding a house each! .. moron.

Daily Referendum said...


I got a bit lost there, is me or anon that is the moron?

Grendel said...

Re the anon.

Steve, this must surely prove the ever upward trajectory of the Daily Ref if you are getting NuLab trolls spewing their particularly pleasant from of bile.

Kudos Sir!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

How are you Steve?

JO said...

"I got a bit lost there, is me or anon that is the moron?".

Anon. I should have made it clearer, sorry.

JO said...

I mean't the moron (anon) is a prat ..not you.

Daily Referendum said...


I hope you are right. If I'm hitting a nerve, I must be doing something right.

Daily Referendum said...


OK, got you:)

Daily Referendum said...


I'm fine thanks. I've been very busy with work lately so I haven't visited as many blogs as I should. I'm off work next week so I will be doing the rounds.