Thursday, 29 November 2007

Harriet Harman will face MPs at 11:30 over dodgy donation

Harriet Harman is going to have to bring her best game to her weekly grilling as Leader of the House of Commons at 11:30 this morning. If I were Harriet I'd claim the fifth amendment. If she is found to have lied about her involvement in the donor scandal, she will not only lose her job, but could also face criminal prosecution. If ever the was a good day for Harriet to throw a sickie - then today is that day.

There are questions that must have answers:

1. Did Harriet or any of her people approach Janet Kidd for a donation.

2. Did Harriet know that the money was actually coming from David Abrahams before last Saturday.

3. Why was the donation made after Harriet had won the Deputy Leadership Election.

4. What does her husband, Jack Dromey, who is Labour's treasurer, know about the donations and does he know Abrahams.

5. What was the £5,000 donation spent on, or where did it go.

To be continued......


Jeremy Jacobs said...

All very dodgy if you ask me.

Ingram said...

Gorbals Mick put a stop to any hard questions. No surprises there...

Daily Referendum said...

Jeremy, dodgy is not the word mate.

Daily Referendum said...


I was expecting to have something to add to this post, but as you say, Gorbals wasn't going to allow Harriet to face the music.