Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Why our prisons are so full - Reoffenders

The following is taken from Hansard Written Answers for 27 November 2007. I was astonished to see that reoffending figures were so high, particularly amongst those that have already been convicted or cautioned at least ten times:


Mr. Garnier: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice how many and what proportion of offenders sentenced to custody had already served (a) a custodial sentence and (b) a community sentence in each of the last 10 years for which figures are available. [168501]

Mr. Hanson: Information on offenders’ previous sentences does not form part of our standard analysis of criminal histories. The most recent available figures for the previous criminal history of offenders sentenced to custody for indictable offences, which detail number of previous convictions and cautions, are given in the “Sentencing Statistics 2005” publication.

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Is our playstation prison system a functioning deterrent?


robin said...

Previously an offender would be sent to jail very quickly, even after a first offence. Now many chances are given, but of course the criminally minded just use it as a chance for criminality. Eventually even our judicial system has to incarcerate them.
The result is that they spend the same amount of their lives in jail, but for much much more offences.

Daily Referendum said...

Hello mate,

You are not wrong Robin. It's a bloody fiasco. It's all happening tonight and it's not good for Labour or Brown.