Thursday, 22 November 2007

Lords debate: Gordon Brown shows disinterest and contempt for Armed Forces.

Further to my earlier post: Why are our Armed Forces nearly 7,000 personnel under-strength?, it seems that several very senior ex-servicemen are more than a little disgusted with Gordon Brown's treatment of our Armed Forces. In a Lords debate, Admiral Lord Boyce said of the decision to give Mr Browne a combined role: "It is seen as an insult by our sailors, our soldiers and our airmen on the front line. "And I know because I have reason to speak to them a lot. And it is certainly a demonstration of the disinterest and some might say contempt that the prime minister and his government has for our armed forces. "And it shows an appalling lack of judgement at a time when our people are being killed and they are being maimed."

Lord Guthrie said: "In my experience... he was a most unsympathetic chancellor of the exchequer as far as defence was concerned - and the only senior Cabinet minister who avoided coming to the Ministry of Defence to be briefed by our staff on our problems." And I think really that he must take much of the blame for the very serious situation we find the services in today."

It does seem as if our Armed Forces, and the situations they are engaged in are of little consequence to Gordon Brown.

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