Friday, 23 November 2007

Iain Dale puts the cat amongst the EU pigeons.

Iain Dale's Telegraph column is definitely going to be controversial. Here's a small extract:

[Tories should pledge a vote on being in the EU.

Stealing other parties' policies is almost de rigueur for politicians nowadays. Gordon Brown is the busiest magpie of all: none the less I suggest that David Cameron looks to the Lib Dems to steal a policy that might mean the difference between being the largest party in a hung parliament and being prime minister of a government with a Conservative majority.]

This is going to be a very hot topic over the next couple of days. A brave move by Mr Dale.

ConservativeHome disagree with Iain, feeling that it isn't a simplistic question of in-or-out.


Ingram said...

hmm a difficult decision to make that... ...done :)

Daily Referendum said...

My only concern is that this will split the party.