Sunday, 4 November 2007

Ruth Kelly spent public money on Labour propaganda.

Hidden in a side column of the BBC News website (political page) Ruth Kelly has apologised for breaking rules on using public money for party political material. She spent some of her £10,000-a-year communications allowance on a newsletter which repeatedly referred to "Labour".

According to the BBC she said she had not meant to break any rules but accepted "greater care" should have been taken over the words.

Greater care with the words? This wasn't a simple typo. She did not just mix up where and were. You can't write Labour all over a newsletter by mistake. Unless of course she was repeatedly trying to tell the newsletter readers about the New Harbour and got the spelling wrong several times. But hey, you never know.


Letters From A Tory said...

Why are the Conservatives letting this go so quietly? If they want to undermine Labour, this was a great opportunity to let the public know that spin and deceit are alive and well in the government.

Daily Referendum said...


It just got overshadowed by the Hastilow column. If the Beeb have a choice between kicking a Tory and kicking Labour, I think we can guess which way they will go.