Monday, 5 November 2007

The hidden truth behind Gordon Brown's ID Cards.

Gordon Brown has called yet another review of the proposed ID. Card system. This follows other unpublished reviews carried out by the treasury. It is believed that those reviews were not published because they were highly critical of the system. The Guardian newspaper is trying to get the information released, but the government are fighting tooth and nail to keep the bad reports secret.

Another review will just be a waste of money. If the government's own reviews have rubbished the scheme, why keep throwing money at it?

It will be disastrous if the government go ahead with this doomed scheme, just to avoid the humiliation of yet another U-turn.

Gordon, stop wasting our money and scrap this money pit now.

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Man in a Shed said...

There were rumours that ID cards would be scrapped for UK citizens - but I've not seen the evidence yet.

Daily Referendum said...

Man in a Shed,

I think that will be the final outcome. But the government aren't going to pass-up a chance to waste more of our money on another review.