Friday, 9 November 2007

Tony Blair pulled out or the trough just in time to board the Gravy Train.

Tony Blair on the Gravy Train to China China's, The Guangzhou Daily newspaper has been a little critical of Tony Blair's £240,000 pay off for his speech delivered in Dongguan, in China's southern province of Guangdong. The speech was on the subject of environmentally friendly ways to achieve economic development. However, it didn't go down too well with one writer at the China Youth Daily: "Mr Blair's speech sounded familiar to me. It was like listening to some domestic county or city-level official making a report, and his viewpoints did not have too many new ideas. "That being the case, why did the local political and business sector spend such a huge sum of money to 'buy' this speech, and was it worth it?"

Even more critically the Guangzhou Daily said: "Like many world-renowned statesmen, Tony Blair, who only recently left his throne as British prime minister on 27 June this year, has been rushing around the world making commercial speeches after leaving office. This time, Blair's money-sucking tentacles have extended into China."

Not bad money if you can get it. If you add Tony's lectures to the reported sum of £5m for his memoirs, I think we can safely say that he will soon be a very wealthy man.

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