Friday, 7 December 2007

CIA Claim interrogation tapes were destroyed for security reasons.

A story from coming out of America today is does not show the CIA in a favourable light. In 2002 the CIA began video recording the interrogation of terror suspects. They only recorded two interrogations, those of Abu Zubaydah and Ramzi Binalshibh. Zubaydah, under harsh questioning, told CIA interrogators about alleged 9/11 accomplice Binalshibh. The CIA started taping the interrogations after President Bush authorised methods such as Waterboarding to extract information. For those who don't know, Waterboarding is used to simulate drowning and some regard it as torture.

Now it seems that those tapes have been destroyed. According to CIA Director Michael Hayden they were destroyed because: "The Agency soon determined that its documentary reporting was full and exacting, removing any need for tapes. Indeed, videotaping stopped in 2002. Also "The tapes posed a serious security risk. Were they ever to leak, they would permit identification of your CIA colleagues who had served in the program, exposing them and their families to retaliation from al Qaeda and its sympathizers."

What do you think?

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William Gruff said...

As well as the adverse security implications the tapes would also be bloody embarrassing on Islamic You Tube.

Daily Referendum said...

It was stupid of them to record it in the first place. What does CIA stand for?