Friday, 7 December 2007

Gordon Brown passes the Mugabe buck onto Baroness Amos.

I can understand Gordon Brown not wanting to attend the same EU-Africa summit in Lisbon as Mugabe. Mugabe should be arrested the moment his crooked feet touch the Portuguese tarmac. How the hell did he pay for the flight? The pile of Zimbabwean dollars needed to pay for the fuel must have been bigger than the plane.

What I cannot understand is why Brown has stitched up Baroness Amos to take his place. If he's too good to break bread with Mugabe, what makes him think it's OK for the Baroness to do his dirty work? We used to have a saying in the Navy: Never volunteer for anything, I think Gordon Brown has a bit of sailor in him. That's this summit and the EU Treaty signing that he's missing, McCavity has not changed his spots.


The Secret Person said...

Is it cos she is Black?
Clare Short thinks so. (Telegraph article)

A few comments from Miliband in there too, justifying why him and Gordon shouldn't have gone, but no mention of why Amos should.

Daily Referendum said...

How can the idiot Boycott the summit, but still send someone?