Saturday, 22 December 2007

David Cameron's China Speech Video.

Just a quick one. I've just watched David Cameron's China speech, and personally I was impressed. It's not easy to be both critical and diplomatic at the same time, but I feel that David pulled it off. I don't think the Chinese government will be happy with what David had to say, but I believe they will understand why he said it.

You can watch the video by clicking HERE.


canvas said...

Actually, the comments made underneath the video are more interesting.

Dizzy was spot on when he said:

"2008 hails the death of WebCameron.

Oh dear. In May this year Webcameron was redesigned. The changes made a site that was quite free and open, restrictive. At the same time much of interactive functionality was removed. Now the site has been merged into the main Conservatives website instead. The forum has gone completely, and the functionality of commenting is basically a pile of crap.

What started as an innovative and brave idea has been gradually reduced to the all too typical corporate malaise of banal discourse. Funny that it should happen as the polls start to become better and better and the need to control a message becomes ever more important. A quick look at the reaction to the change tells you all you need to know.

The email sent out to registered users yesterday opened by saying "[t]here are exciting times ahead for Webcameron". Well that's nonsense, there are boring time ahead for Webcameron in 2008 because it is now just an add-on to a corporate website where even more interactivity has been removed."

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Dizzy's not often wrong on these things.

Daily Referendum said...

I'm afraid I can't get excited about this. sorry.

canvas said...

Never mind, Hope you have Happy Christmas!

PS> I wish you could 'get excited' about it - and explore. Webcameron has a fascinating story behind it. Its death is rather interesting...and sad.


Richard UK said...

In one move (closing the open forums) Cameron has shown he is no better than Brown.

How can he invite people to vote for him, if he closes off free debate (which is largely critical of the Labour Party) ?

In one crazy moment, DC has shown utter contempt for the voter.