Monday, 17 December 2007

European Commission want to cut British fishing - Again.

The European Commission are planning to cut fishing in the North Sea by 10%. The Scottish Fisheries Minister Richard Lochhead said: "Scotland is in the lead for conserving cod stocks. "That has been recognised to some degree with the first increase in cod quotas for 10 years. "That is a great breakthrough."

It is hoped that alternative conservation measures will be adopted instead of further cuts to time spent at sea. One suggestion is to close off areas to fishing which are known to be populated by juvenile fish.

It seems that fish stocks are recovering so the current level of fishing is adequate. Further restrictions will only damage an already struggling industry.

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William Gruff said...

Personally I couldn't care less what cuts the Scotch have to make.

Scotland has seventy per cent of the 'U'K's fishing quotas and the Scotch fishery has profited from the cutbacks in English fishing. Last year fishermen in the North East were forbidden to catch mackerel and their quotas arbitrarily given to the Scotch.

That could not have happened had we an English Parliament to protect our interests from the Scotch dominated Br*tish government.