Monday, 17 December 2007

Ruth kelly says we need transparency on lost DSA data (Yeah...right)

I've just been listening to Ruth Kelly waffling for all her worth on Radio 5. The details of three million candidates for the driving theory test have gone missing from a contractor's (supposedly) secure room in the States. Why we have to send this kind of information to the US on a Hard Drive is beyond me. The data which contained names, addresses and phone numbers went missing in May. What did Ruth have to say when asked why the public have only just been informed? Well basically she said that she didn't know because she took over the post after the data was lost. And when asked If her predecessor knew about the loss, she said she wasn't sure. Just great.

Ruth then came out with Labour's favourite word of late - transparency. Apparently we must have transparency about the way public data is stored and transferred. Laughingly Ruth said that they public want their data to be shared. Radio 5's interviewer correctly pointed out that we don't want our data shared with everyone.

What a bunch of Muppets

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