Monday, 3 December 2007

Peter Hain has just remembered more donations.

Cabinet minister Peter Hain has said more donations to his Labour deputy leadership campaign "were not registered as they should have been". That's on top of the £5,000 donation that he forgot last week. Isn't old age terrible?

Peter seems to have remembered these donations since Guido broke this story this afternoon.


Sunonmars said...

I bet Hain was waiting to pocket the money, there's no other reason. You just do not forget about those sorts of money. Its total crap that "ooh i forgot about these cheques, now where did i put that money" He bloody knew what he was doing.

Daily Referendum said...


Sunbeds are not cheap.

ias said...

Firstly, Mr Green, I must say I too am Pro england, Anti EU Treaty and Climate Change sceptic. As for which way my Political Part beliefs sway... well, I think our Politicans have to do much more to earn our confidence, respect and support. Why are we so gullible over the Political lies of Climate Change? Why has the Conservative, Labour and LibDems not been willing to have a televised debate on "the biggest issues that man will ever face?" Of course, they know that they'll get hammered! For each Politicalised incentive that the UN scientists have there awaits the opposition scientist that are silenced by the media. Yes, even the media are keen to deny the "people" the right of a democratic system whereby both sides are able to discuss the "truths" and "lies" of Climate change. Are we just going to sit back and watch our councils, local MPs and central Government lay into us with even more higher costs of living - I bet you we are!!! As for Peter Haine, come on. The money has been placed to one side until it is forgotten about, then it will end up in his off-shore bank account. Well anyway, i'm sure that was the idea. As for Blair taking this job from a US bank that profits from the Iraq war, should he be 'tarred and feathered'... lol!! How does Mr Blair sleep at night whilst being paid 'blood money'... horlicks I bet!!