Thursday, 31 January 2008

Alistair Darling will deliver George Osborne's Budget on 12th March.

George Osborne Alistair Darling will deliver his first Budget on the 12th of March. The question is not "will Darling steal Tory policies" it's "how many Tory policies will Darling steal". This government is totally devoid of any ideas - unless they have been stolen from the other major parties. It wouldn't be so bad if the ideas they have stolen were to be implemented in a competent manner, but every major scheme they embark on seems to end in a total waste of tax payers' money through poor (if not invisible) management.


Garbo said...

You're becoming far less cynical about the government these days, Steve:

Surely Alastair Darling will be delivering Gordon Brown's budget that he stole off George Osborne...

You don't think Darling actually does anything at No.11 without Brown telling him to do so?

Daily Referendum said...


You are spot on, and I'm now kicking myself:)