Thursday, 31 January 2008

PMQs - 30/01/08 Gordon Brown, just answer a bloody question.

I've just caught up with yesterday's PMQs. Until late 2006 I considered myself a Labour supporter, all be it a disaffected one. I then went through a stage of not being able to call myself aligned to any party. However through blogging I became more aware of the political situation in this country and decided to become a member the Conservative Party. The reason I became disillusioned and ended my life long support of the Labour Party? - Incompetence - pure and simple. I voted Labour in their last three election victories. The latter with a gnawing doubt that I was making a mistake, but I was pinning my hopes on Labour finally getting to grips with governance. You see I was brought up in Barnsley, South Yorkshire where enterprising (i.e. wear a red rosette) donkeys really can make it to Westminster.

That gnawing doubt turned into certainty and I realised I'd been a fool. I've explained all this because I want you to know that I'm not just another Tory blogger slagging Labour off just for the sake of it. I've not been turned off by the Labour party, I've been turned off by the bunch of useless sods running the country. I want a government accountable to the people. I want a government that does not ride rough shod over us. But most of all I want a government that does not believe it acts for the good of the people when the majority of those people disagree with it.

You may now be asking yourself why have I gone into my political history, when I should be talking about yesterday's PMQs. Well the answer to that is evident when you click on the video link that I'll be adding at the bottom of this post. For those of you that can't work it out or are struggling to join the growing numbers who have managed to prise off their rose tinted spectacles, let me explain. When Gordon Brown is asked a question, ask yourself if he answered it to your satisfaction. When he comes out with a load of waffle about crime, the military and health, ask yourself if you believe him. I do not. In fact I am now certain that the default position for most Labour ministers is to come out lying.

Listen to the FACTS and figures quoted by Cameron and Clegg and then carefully compare those to Brown's answers. Look for the twisted word the spun figure. One example is that when Clegg asks Brown about all the Apache helicopters laying dormant, Brown says he's ordered more. Why? Why order more when we have a load sat around doing nothing when they should be providing air support to our troops?

Watch and please really listen by clicking HERE.


William Gruff said...

Steve: I am a former Labour Party member and trade unionist, brought up in a rabidly Conservative, former Labour Party, Trades Union household. I went through your experience, with regard to the CP, in 1982 and avoided politics for years, until the Conservative Party was so rotten that I felt I had no choice but to vote for and join the Labour Party. I was a dedicated activist and branch official but by 2005 I felt so effectively disenfranchised that all I could do was spoil my ballot papers.

The mainstream parties have nothing to offer the people of England.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

You may be right, but I've got a vote to cast and I think it will be best used voting for the conservatives this time around. I really believe that they could not be as bad as Labour. Who could?

Anonymous said...

Same as you Steve ...only I'm still in the non-aligned period.

Daily Referendum said...


Labour's incompetence is bad enough but the lies are just too blatant to listen to without getting mad. The thing is, they know they are lying but they just don't care. They believe that there are a lot of people out there too stupid to know they are being lied to. That is the most cynical aspect of this government.

Some people may be poor, uneducated and a bit rough, but they are not stupid. The assumption that they are will be Labour's greatest mistake.

Pablo the Scot said...

For my part, I was always a Conservative voter until the last Tory administration proved so bad I could not stomach it. I have not yet decided if I will support the Conservatives next time, although the desire to get rid of this lying bunch of scoundrels is very very great.

I lived a number of years in Ian Smith's Rghodesia where, as a British subject, I was not entitled to vote but was expecetd to take up arms and fight for the country. That experience has nurtured in me a desire to always vote, a desire that I have attempted to inculcate within my children. But it has not always been with a joyful heart that I have gone to the polling booths!

I watched the PMQ clip with interest. A man less able to answer a simple question it is hard to find. He should resign and join an Insurance company as an assessor, they would make a mint immediately.

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Pablo,

Maybe the session should be renamed PMDs - Prime Minister's deflections.

Anonymous said...

To vote for the Conservatives, Dim-Libs, or the ZaNuLabour party, is to be a co-conspirator in the illusion that we have some sort of democratic government system. The whole of the political class is now totally corrupt, and our constitution needs to be re-made. We cannot tolerate a government that hands power to a European autocracy, and shatters the U.K. while depriving the English of equal representation, all without reference to the people. This government lies with fluency, falsifies shamelessly, and swears black is white, indeed,insists on it. Those of you who confess that you voted for them, can never be trusted to have a vote again!

Andrew Allison said...

I loved it when the Speaker asked Tory MPs to allow the prime minister to answer the question in his way. I also noticed a smile on Mr Speaker's face.

It rather sums it up.