Sunday, 20 January 2008

Blog notice - thanks.

Hello readers,

I want to thank those who have visited and left comments over the last six days and I apologise If I have not replied to your comments. I would like to explain why: I'm not a professional blogger, I blog when I get some spare time. Unfortunately that spare time is bit sparse as I work 12 hour shifts working as an engineer in the control room of an Energy from waste facility. I work a rotating pattern of days and nights. The reason I have not been able to reply to comments, is due to my having just completed six 12 hour night shifts this morning. Working 72 hours at night in the space of six days leaves little time for the blog.

Please don't think I'm ignoring you if I do not reply to your comment immediately - I'm either at work or in bed for blocks of my time. Thanks for visiting and please keep doing so.




Quiet_Man said...

As a regular worker of 12 hour shifts both day and night 3 on 4 off you have my sympathy. rest up and come back with comments when you feel it's an enjoyable process again.

Daily Referendum said...

Quiet Man,

The good thing about working twelve hour shifts is the amount you can get done when your off, as I sure you are aware. It just means that my blogging rate can be a bit erratic.