Monday, 28 January 2008

Climate Change Part 21 (Polar Bears).

I've heard before that the Iconic picture of polar bears stranded on floating ice was used totally out of context by the global warming Nazis. Al Gore seems to be the self proclaimed fuhrer of the Fifth Reich. For a man putting himself forward as savior of the planet, he seems to be doing his best to destroy it (if you believe that CO2 is causing Global Warming). It should also be noted that Big Al is making a tidy profit (excuse the pun) out of forecasting the planets doom.

The EU Referendum Blog have a post on this subject that is required reading for all those who wonder if the propaganda peddled by Global Warming alarmists can be believed. I'm sick and tired of being bombarded by adverts an certain elements of the media telling us that man made global warming is a fact - Just like when we were all assured in the seventies that we were heading for an Ice Age. Well they were wrong then and there's a damn good chance that they are wrong now.


lettersfromatory said...

If the environmentalists stuck to rigorous scientific evidence, I might be willing to listen - but I get very bored of the propoganda that tries to guilt-trip me into saving the environment.

Robin said...

I dont understand it. Ice is less dense than water. If the North Pole melts, surely the sea level will go down.
You`ve only got to take the envirofascists into the hated MacDonalds and order a Coke (with the ice they put in) to show them.After a period of time, the level has gone down.

Daily Referendum said...


It's not about science, it's about stirring up fear. The artic as you point out is floating ice and will not increase sea levels if it melts. However the Antartic is land based ice and if that were to melt sea levels would rise. The problem for the global warming nuts is that on the same day they screamed out that the artic ice was a its lowest recorded level, the Antartic was at its greatest ever recorded level. The sea level should be going down. No doubt these figures will be hidden.

David said...


The predicted rise in sea level is largely due to the thermal expansion of seawater, not because of melting ice. However, if the Greenland and/or Antarctic ice sheets were to melt, the rise would be much greater.

You obviously don't have a clue about the science - why not bone up a little before making yourself look so stupid. And, by the way, its "Arctic" and "Antarctic." An artic is a big lorry.


Robin said...


Steve knows that. He was talking to me, a truck driver.I drive arctics.
Actually there are ice floes and icebergs hundreds or even thousands of miles from the ice sheets and landmass of the poles
This would counteract Greenland melting.
And if the enviros mean that the problem is thermal expansion of seawater (by how much) why dont they say so, instead of talking about melting ice caps ?

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Robin, the truck driving bit was a little hard to explain.

Daily Referendum said...

David, if you are interested, this
is why I'm sceptical about sea levels.