Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Derek Conway - Whip removal is painless, but it brings on many changes.

Derek Conway - where to begin. I've got to write something because I've been accused of not commenting on it because I'm a conservative party member. Well that's bollox. I've been working 12 hours shifts for the last five days, and frankly I have not been all that arsed about blogging when I've arrived home. So here is my opinion: Derek Conway has been a foolish and very possibly a dishonest man. David Cameron has removed the whip, and as I commented on Conservativehome last night, he should have had it inserted rapidly first. If the allegations are true, then he has no place in the party that I'm a member of.

David Cameron has acted swiftly and decisively. I think we can be sure that if he was in Gordon Brown's shoes, then Hain, Harman, and Alexander would - quite rightly, be told to "do one" (as my 15 year old daughter would say). I hope this highlights Brown's cowardice and Labour's acceptance of rule breaking. The news broke, David investigated, he slept on it and came to the right decision in a timely fashion - compare that to Brown.

This is an embarrassment for the Conservative party, but the way it has been dealt with by the party leader shows the kind of moral decisive character that we have found lacking in our government. Labour trolls may see this as something to crow about, but they will soon realise that the Conservatives have come out of this looking even more honest than Labour.

Well done David.


The English Guy said...

Mr Conway should be prosecuted for fraud. This is way beyond corruption and incompetence

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Mr Gruff

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I disagree with you on this one. Cameron did not need to sleep on it - we had all seen enough the morning after the story broke to know that Conway was way out of order. The fact that it got worse yesterday is beside the point.

Daily Referendum said...


Like I said in my post. Compare Cameron's actions with Brown's. There is a world of difference.