Tuesday, 22 January 2008

How your MP voted on the EU (Amendment) Bill.

As you are probably aware the EU (Amendment) Bill was passed for the second reading last night by 362 votes to 224. I promised to provide a list of those MPs voting in favour of the Bill.

The list would be too long to post on this blog so I will provide a link to the list on: "The Public Whip" website. Click HERE to see if your MP voted for the EU Treaty. You can contact your MP to express your possible displeasure by clicking on their name.

A basic breakdown of the voting goes as follows:

Con AYE = 3 votes

Con NO = 186 votes

Lab AYE = 309 votes

Lab NO =19 votes

Lib Dem AYE = 50 votes

Lib Dem NO = 0 votes

DU NO = 9 votes

Ind Lab AYE 1 vote

Ind NO = 2 votes

PC NO = 3 votes

SDLP AYE = 1 vote

SNP NO = 5 votes


Shades said...

I mailed my MP this morning asking what his position was. I've since found that he voted AYE, the steaming bag of shit.

The threat of turfing him out doesn't hold much water anyway, he is "standing down" to spend more time with Sir Nicholas Stern so that Ed Balls can be parachuted in.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Much needed list - we have to know who they are.

Quiet_Man said...

I emailed mine before the vote, but he (Jonathan Shaw) vote aye anyway, I'm not surprised he is a minister after all. Still as he's from a marginal constituency he may be in for a little disappointment come the next general election.

lettersfromatory said...

The two big disgraces are the Labour dissenters going back into hiding and the Lib Dems going back on their support of a referendum - both of which makes me equally angry.