Monday, 21 January 2008

Second reading of the EU (amendment) Bill.

The debate into the second reading of the EU (amendment) Bill as started and Miliband is getting a good old fashioned roasting. Ian Paisley made a very good statement when he pointed out that the governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland are against the Treaty.

I'll be updating this as the debate progresses.

Miliband must feel like he is surrounded. Not only are conservative MPs ridiculing him for calling the two documents different, but so are several of the MPs seated behind him.

William Hague has taken the dispatch box and pointed out that the relevant documents for the debate were not available until five hours before it started. This was brought up before the debate started and quite disgustingly in my opinion the speaker let the debate take place. Hague has been asked what is the difference between this and not having a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty, a Lib Dem heckler called out that the Conservatives were in power. William quite quickly replied that that is a position Lib Dems can only dream of.

William Hague is on a roll and has the house in stitches. He is making a real mockery of Labour's position, showing them to have lied to to parliament and the public. He states 240 of the 250 proposals in the original constitution are in the treaty. He also pointed out that the Belgium's foreign minister said the constitution was written to be easily read, and the Treaty has been written for the opposite reason.

I hope I can provide a link to a video of this session because William Hague has had the whole house in tears (including Miliband) over the prospect of President Tony Blair.

A vote on the Bill will take place 22:00. I'll update this post when the results are announced. I'm not holding my breath that the majority of MPs will represent the majority of the public.

The debate will be going on for a while and you can watch it live by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: I haven't been able to get a link Hague's speech yet, but I can point you towards a short video of his appearance on The Daily Politics Show: click HERE.

The Bill was passed 362 to 224. That means at least 27 non -Tory MPs voted against the Bill. As I said in an earlier post, I will be posting a list of those MPs who voted for this Bill.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the Government is actually getting away with this. Those Labour MPs who thought about rebelling have gone awfully quiet recently.