Friday, 11 January 2008

I'm back in the blogging saddle.

Hello Readers,

I'm back after about a week off the blog. I needed a break, the blog was taking over my life and I was missing too much real life. During my break I've got back into playing the guitar (or should I say trying to learn) and more importantly I've left Blogpower. I left Blogpower because it simply failed to work in the way I had imagined it should. A very undesirable element had entered the group, one with which I do not want to be associated with. Though I believe in freedom of speech, I also believe that if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas. (I would also like to point out that James Higham has been shit on).

Thanks to all those who left comments over the last week, I appreciate them all. I hope that I'm refreshed from my little break and that this year my blogging and blog will improve. The Magical Mystery Blog Tour Bus will leave again this evening - You are all welcome onboard.

See you later



Mrs Smallprint said...

Hi Steve

Glad you're back on the blog, thanks for putting me on the bus tour.

This morning I drove down the hill in the pouring rain (the road was flooding and the ditches were full), I could see flashing in the distance and as I got closer I saw that the bus had tried to pass the recycling lorry and they were now both firmly stuck. So I had to do a 5 point turn in the narrow lane whilst trying not to end up in the ditch myself. The joys of country life.

Mrs S.

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Mrs SP,

I hope it wasn't my magic bus.

William Gruff said...

I knew you couldn't leave it for long.

The next time you say you're taking a break I will shout 'liar, liar, pants on fire'.

Welcome back.

lewisham kate said...

Hello Steve ,good to see you are back, Hows the guitar thing going? I just got guitar hero three although im never going to be any god with a real one i can at least pretend. ;0)

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Mr Gruff,

A week is a long time for someone who usually posts at least three times a day. Visitors have dropped to a third.

Thanks for coming back.

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Kate!

Yeah, I wish I could play the Guitar as well as I play the air-type. I still can't play anything that sounds like music but hopefully I'm getting there.

IanP said...

Got to be one of the shortest breaks on record, for which many of us out here are grateful.

However really good to see you back at the helm, fully refreshed and ready for more...

Perhaps you would consider a few more of the 'Daily Referendum's' that we saw last year, it helps to bring opinion back into focus.

Daily Referendum said...

Will do Ian. Thanks for dropping in:)

Grendel said...

Good to have you back so soon Steve.