Saturday, 26 January 2008

Jan Berry's police rally speech: Gordon Brown's price.

I always like to visit the Police Federation website every so often to view their press releases. Today I came across Jan Berry's (the chairman of the Police Federation) speech at the police march and rally last week. Overall the speech was up to Jan's usual high standard of emotive communication. There was however, one section that I found moving and particularly poignant and I would like to share it with you:

What after all did you (Gordon Brown) consider to be the fair political price for your decision.... A Home Secretary hung out to dry, defending an untenable position? A Cabinet embarrassed by the inconsistency of public sector pay and how the friends of the PM seem to get the best deals? These are significant, but they, like you Prime Minister are political, and no doubt you will overcome them.

So let me tell you what you should consider to be the real ‘price’ – You have broken your word to the police service. You have irrevocably undermined the established structure and process of police pay negotiation.

Today – police force badges up and down the land shine a little less brightly

The pride and honour of uniform is worn just that little bit heavier

Today has been a day of action - thank you all again for your dedication and patience – you have demonstrated the finest characteristics of the British police officer:

Let us all hope our Government can now do the same.

Do you think Gordon Brown will listen or care? I don't, and that's why I believe he will be forced to step down this year. You can read the full speech by clicking HERE.

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Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I've always felt Brown was the patsy to sign the treaty and having done his bit, the driving force has no futher need for him. So for different reasons to you maybe, Steve, I'd agree with your prognosis.